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Debit Cards

A Visa Debit Card is a free service that is available on all checking accounts and health savings accounts. Simply call or come by for an application and either mail or return it to an American National Bank Customer Service representative. Upon approval and receipt of your card and PIN, it’s time to start shopping and reaping the benefits of this convenient solution! This card can be used to purchase items, much like writing a check, but has the added benefit of allowing cash withdrawals from an ATM machine and point of sale cash withdrawals any where Visa cards are accepted.

(For a nominal fee, instant issue debit cards are available. Or, debit cards ordered and mailed to you are available free of charge.) 

Benefits of Using a Debit Card

  • Pay for all types of purchases quickly and easily
  • Visa Debit Cards can be used at millions of establishments and ATMs around the world
  • Save on the cost of printed checks
  • 24x7 fraud monitoring to keep your checking account safe
  • $0 fraud liability.

If you are planning a trip, especially an international trip, please contact Customer Service at (903)-572-1776 and let us know your travel dates and where you will be going. This step will eliminate any erroneously blocked transactions.      

Click here for the Debit Card Order form

To Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card, Please Call (800) 791-2525

Credit Cards

Please call (903)-572-1776 to inquire about American National Bank credit cards for both personal and business use.

ANB Credit Card account login.

VISA Gift Card

Buying a gift for someone that is difficult to buy for? A Visa Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion! They are reloadable and secure, and cost only $5 to purchase, plus the amount that is loaded on the card. A Visa Gift Card gives you the freedom of buying what you want, where you want. It works just like a regular debit card and can be replaced if lost or stolen, making it safer to give than cash. The minimum amount to load on a card is $25.00 and the maximum is $500.00. Fees and limitations may apply.

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